A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A mysterious forest fire, a brave firefighter, a small story about a great destiny.

Travel with us to Whitewillow Creek and discover the mysteries in this interactive novel.


You control Davis, a young firefighter that receives a distress call about a mysterious forest fire.

What you do from there, is entirely up to you.


  • Dozens of different endings
  • Simple interface, can be played with just the mouse
  • Dyslexic typeface support


The game has a lot of different endings, can you find them all?

  • VICTORY ending
  • 'Murica! ending
  • Master Chef ending
  • Michel Lotito ending
  • True gamer ending
  • Anger issues ending
  • Human snackrifice ending
  • Couch Potato ending
  • Crispy ending
  • Procrastinator ending
  • That again? ending
  • Helping Hand ending
  • Second Amendment ending
  • Run Davis Run ending


Made for the Nordic Game Jam 2019. 
Theme: That Again!

Made by: Nils + Jill + Sebastian + Romano

Team Name: Very Tall Garden Gnomes


BurnNoticeLinux.zip 32 MB
BurnNoticeWin.zip 32 MB
BurnNoticeMac.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the files.
  • Unzip to a separate folder.
  • Launch the BurnNotice.exe application (for Windows) or BurnNotice.app (for OS X).

The game can be played with just a mouse.