A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Main Theme: Sense of Belonging

My Comfy Castle is a life simulation game where you play to deck out your home with all the merch and necessities of life.

You have just moved out of your parent's basement and into your own place. But oh no! the walls are barren and the shelves clean. You need to fill your place with as much merch and knickknacks to make it your own.

Work hard at your office drone job to collect all the sets and get every merch to fill your heart's desire.  Buy low and sell high online to make an extra buck.


This game was made by: Nils "Gecko" Munch and Jill "Bean" Lytken

Music by Dream Valley Music

Art generated by Sentient Ink and Leonardo.

Cross-game promotion with Kinky Paws https://dj-dave.itch.io/kinky-paws


MyComfyCastle v.0.3.4 (Post-Jam cleanup) 55 MB
MyComfyCastle v.0.3.1 (NGJ24 Final!) 55 MB
MyComfyCastle OSX v.0.3.1 (NGJ24 Final!) 53 MB
MyComfyCastle v0.1.13 (Sunday build) 50 MB
MyComfyCastle v0.0.1 (Saturday build) 48 MB

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