A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Collect stuff, be punished, have fun!


The more loot, the hungrier the enemies! Fight your fantasy hoarding urges and watch yourself throw your hard earned loot away. Or fight through it and beat the game with all coins intact (HARD)

Some people quest for glory. Some for power. And some for that sweeeet sweeet loot.

You are a kinda-noble warrior, set out to become the fastest wealthy hero the land has ever seen.

In fact, you are so eager for quick wealth, that you skipped training, buying a weapon and all that noob shit, only to get to the dungeon as fast as possible.

Not fight your... well dont fight, because you dont have a weapon silly... Loot your way through the dungeon, and get out with as much delicious cash as you can carry.

If you wanna play the testing version, visit https://gist.github.com/nilsmunch/2ed4e0a96ab80ba16f373a878dac2b30


Greedy_win.zip 21 MB
Greedy_mac.zip 23 MB
Greedy_linux.zip 38 MB

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