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Welcome to the sweet world of lobby-ism.

every day, billions of tax dollars are being passed to business as care packages, especially in times of economic crisis.

Your job as a lobbyist is to ensure that all that money arrives at your parent company.

But uh-oh! other lobbyists are also out after that same score. So you must face them publicly and debate them, winning the case on behalf of your corporation.

(Btw, this is thickly juiced in satire if anyone should be in doubt.)


Lobby is a turn based battle royale using manipulation strategies and talking points in place of weapons, spells and minions. It pits eight players against eachother in a debate for glory (empty seats filled by a super basic AI.)

This game is heavily inspired by games like AutoChess, Underlords and Hearthstone Battlegrounds, plus a throwaway line from an old Extra Credits episode, where they talked about using the mechanics of combat for dialogue/debate.

Developer disclaimer:

Ran out of time, so the game "works" but is far from what I had planned. Will return and polish it up when I have time, but will keep the jam original for historic reasons.

Made by : Nils "GeckoDev" Munch

Motivational manager : Jill "Kill" Petersen

Vector suited gentlemen artwork for poster : Rudall Cimanggis (Licenced)


Lobby (win 64-bit) 48 MB
Lobby Mac.zip 50 MB

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