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Ever wondered what happens to all that loot that is left behind when heroes are fighting their way through the dungeons? Well, worry no more, because, in Dungeons & Dropped Things, it is your job to reconnect lost loot with confused, annoying, and loot-hungry players.

Now to start your first day on the job!


"Dungeons and Dropped Things" is a single-player visual-novel game set in a classic fantasy world. Players take on the role of a goblin working at a Lost and Found office in a dungeon. The goal is to reunite loot with adventuring heroes and other dungeon dwellers while navigating puzzles, making moral choices, and dealing with challenging situations.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Puzzle-solving and dialogue-based gameplay to determine the legitimacy of lost items.
  • Logical thinking and reference to a rulebook to identify liars.
  • Branching storylines for each character, influenced by item assignments and player choices.
  • No time-based mechanics to reduce stress.
  • Office customization: Players can spend earned money to improve the office with upgrades like better security, comfortable chairs, and expanded shelf space.
  • Randomized characters and item requests for increased replayability.
  • Audience participation: The game is designed to engage YouTubers and streamers, allowing them to assist players during playthroughs.

Art Style

The game features a cartoonish and stylized art style, drawing inspiration from series like Disenchanted, Adventure Time, Infinity Train, and Centaurworld. The visuals are vibrant and visually distinct.


Estimated full playthrough: 2-3 hours
Completionist playtime: 10-12 hours
(including alternative endings, achievements, and Easter eggs).

Story and Characters

The game takes place in a classic fantasy setting, focusing on the lives of supporting characters like goblins working behind the scenes. The main character is a goblin working at the Lost and Found office, responsible for reuniting loot with rightful owners.
Branching storylines for each character, with 3-5 different endings for each. The base roster includes 20 characters.


A quirky take on classical fantasy game scores, composed by veteran composers.No voice acting due to the random nature of the characters' requests, with all dialogue presented through text.
Audio cues to enhance the gameplay experience.


Special optional font for dyslexic players to improve readability.No time-based mechanics to reduce stress.
Color-based challenges are explained in a way that color-blind players can solve the puzzles.


The game aims to instill a newfound respect for the hardworking goblins and supporting characters in dungeons. By immersing players in the role of a goblin working behind the scenes, "Dungeons and Dropped Things" highlights the effort involved in creating a captivating dungeon experience for adventurers. The game promotes appreciation for the often-overlooked roles and contributions of these unsung heroes.

Cross-game promotion

If you have a monster, a treasure, or a hero from your own game, that you would like to feature inside our game, don't be afraid to reach out and we can add it.

A part of our challenge was creating the backend tech that allows us to add more characters and dialogue without changing the game client.

If you are interested, hit us up on discord : nilsmunch#2823


This game was made for the Nordic Game Jam 2022 and was originally made in 44 hours. We later hired two artists, one to do the characters, and another to do the item art, and found a composer to put a soundtrack together. We are still working on this updated version, but it is coming together nicely.

Our Theme was: Storage, Reunion, and Waterfall


Code : Nils "Gecko" Munch
Character Art : Mohammad Naufal
Item Art : N1C
Production : Jill L. Petersen  
Music : Emmett Cooke
Voice : James Cooper


Dungeons & Dropped Things 0.3 45 MB
Misplaced WIN 0.1.1 (Jam Legacy) 41 MB
Misplaced OSX 0.1.0 (Jam Legacy) 50 MB

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