A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Warning : Contains adult themes and sexual humor.


Welcome to ORGYNIZER - You are tasked to organize some amazing swinger parties, but it can be hard to figure out what and who people are into.

Pair people and activities in the swingers pad, and make sure everyone has a good time.

Is it rude/nude?

The game contains no actual pornographic content.

This game is not meant as any criticism or ridicule of people that enjoy various sexual adventures. It is merely built as a silly puzzle game, using some colorful (and fictional) characters.

Game features

  • Solve puzzles of combinatorics with a silly twist.
  • Connect people together based on their wishes and kinks.
  • Casual mode for relaxed play, and Endless mode for a timed and score challenge.
  • Cozy kinksters and animated pixel art.
  • (Almost) More time spent on moan recordings than on actual gameplay!


Made by Nils "Gecko" Munch and Jill Lytken. Pixel art assist from Slava Polovinkin.

Made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4.

Love is love, sex is meant to be fun.

Sponsored by KinkSheet.


Orgynizer 0.4 30 MB
Orgynizer 0.4 OS X 25 MB
Orgynizer (Jam Legacy Version) 30 MB


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Game was reviewed by Extra Credits here : Extra Credits Jam Party

This game is simply something new and innovative! I love the gameplay and it was so much fun to play through it. Good job in this !

this was so much fun!!! i was laughing the entire time while playing it, great idea!!! the graphics are good, the sounds are hilarious, the music is awesome!!!

I lost after the balcony was added as an area and then somehow got into the developer console :o it gave me a nullPointerReference when I tried to restart after losing.


Thanks man, yeah the fifth room seems to bug out. Will try and fix that once the judges are done reviewing :)

Great idea and execution, can't believe you made such a cool game so fast

Thanks :) got the suggestion off a buddy, and had the zebra-riddle structure in the back of my mind for a bit. Let me know if there is any features/content you wanna see, i still got like two days :)


WebGL build would sure be nice, it'll make your game easier to share