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Warning : Contains adult themes and sexual humor.


Welcome to ORGYNIZER - A sex-positive non-pornographic puzzle games about throwing the best and most satisfying swinger parties.

Open your doors to a cast of procedurally generated guests, all with unique quirks, desires and tastes. Place them together in pairs (or groups) and maybe nudge in some interesting activities.

If everything is as it should, you have successfully pulled off a great evening with a lot of steamy fun. Do it wrong, and it will be a party remembered in infamy.

So listen to the details and the desires of your guests, and use your logic skills to match up the best pairs for the evening.

Is it rude/nude?

The game contains no actual pornographic content.

While the subject matter is sexual, you don't get to "see" anything X-rated. If you are looking for that sort of thing, this game is not for you.

This game is not meant as any criticism or ridicule of people that enjoy various sexual adventures. It is merely built as a silly puzzle game, using some colorful (and fictional) characters.

Made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4.

Remember, sex is meant to be good fun between consenting adults.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsNils "Gecko" Munch, Bateia
Tagsadult-content, sex-positive, Singleplayer


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Orgynizer WIN (1.5.2) 120 MB
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Orgynizer DEMO 120 MB
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Hmm. Doesn't open on my Mac. Demo neither. I'll try again on Windows.

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For some reason, I cannot get past the first level after buying the game :(

The bottom left button is stuck on "Checking", and my game never lets the "Next level" button appear

Here's a screenshot of the situation

Oh :O sorry, haven't been into the game this week, it's been a wild ride with the Unity changes. I will take a dive in tomorrow to see if I can fix it :/ sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries ! Good luck with the Unity crap.

For more info, I tried the Steam demo version, and it worked with that one for some reason? So not quite sure what's going on.

I'm having the same problem.

Jeg syndes ideen er sjov, og det visuelle udtryk er simplet og flot. Kompleksiteten i opgaverne var lidt for svært for mig, og jeg er ofte ikke klar over, hvad jeg gjorde forkert. Det er også lidt synd at der ikke er nogen musik eller lydeffekter. Men ellers et godt lille spil.


Glad for du siger det, jeg er i fuld gang med at bygge en forbedret udgave, nu når jeg ikke har gamejam timeren hængende over hovedet.

Game was reviewed by Extra Credits here : Extra Credits Jam Party

This game is simply something new and innovative! I love the gameplay and it was so much fun to play through it. Good job in this !

this was so much fun!!! i was laughing the entire time while playing it, great idea!!! the graphics are good, the sounds are hilarious, the music is awesome!!!

I lost after the balcony was added as an area and then somehow got into the developer console :o it gave me a nullPointerReference when I tried to restart after losing.


Thanks man, yeah the fifth room seems to bug out. Will try and fix that once the judges are done reviewing :)

Great idea and execution, can't believe you made such a cool game so fast

Thanks :) got the suggestion off a buddy, and had the zebra-riddle structure in the back of my mind for a bit. Let me know if there is any features/content you wanna see, i still got like two days :)


WebGL build would sure be nice, it'll make your game easier to share