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Game was reviewed by Extra Credits here : Extra Credits Jam Party

This game is simply something new and innovative! I love the gameplay and it was so much fun to play through it. Good job in this !

this was so much fun!!! i was laughing the entire time while playing it, great idea!!! the graphics are good, the sounds are hilarious, the music is awesome!!!

I lost after the balcony was added as an area and then somehow got into the developer console :o it gave me a nullPointerReference when I tried to restart after losing.


Thanks man, yeah the fifth room seems to bug out. Will try and fix that once the judges are done reviewing :)

Great idea and execution, can't believe you made such a cool game so fast

Thanks :) got the suggestion off a buddy, and had the zebra-riddle structure in the back of my mind for a bit. Let me know if there is any features/content you wanna see, i still got like two days :)


WebGL build would sure be nice, it'll make your game easier to share