A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A mysterious murder have shocked the small city of Smallcity. The clever detective Detectiface is on the case. Armed with words and wits, you uncover the secrets and capture the murderer, or at least derp trying...

Tell Me Everything is a combination of:

  • Text-based adventure.
  • Word puzzle game
  • Push-your-luck game
  • Cross-examination puzzle

I will keep developing a bit after the jam, but I will keep the version I handed in at the jam deadline intact here in Itch.

For steam keys, go here:


Published 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsinvestigation, murder-mystery, word, word-game


Tell Me Everything (Windows) 66 MB
Tell Me Everything (OS X) 72 MB


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Well, that was a really great crime-solving game! I think that the core gameplay - growing the vocabulary of the detective by asking the important questions - was a clever idea. :) I found it intriguing to get to know more and more of the background stories of the suspects. Quite often, such text-based games are not much fun to play because of bad working parsers or stuff like that, but that wasn't the case with your game. <3 Congratulations for making that one, I liked it very much. :) That's why I happily wrote a recommendation article about it on our blog and also uploaded a gameplay video of it. <3 Keep up the great work!

Best wishes,

Holy cow :D Thank you so much. I was really touched that you liked it, and will share the link to your page with pride :D

Hah, that's a kind and cute reply! Thank you so much! I'm always glad to see when game makers appreciate our little articles. <3