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Puzzle and spacial thinking time. The game has four different levels, introducing a handful of different puzzle mysteries. The challenge is solving them in the lowest amount of moves.


The dice are joined together, they move together, their sums change the world around them. No dice are left behind.

I also thought (since English is not my first language) that when you count the pips on multiple dice was called "joining together" the numbers, but I was mistaken. Woopsies.


  • ASDW / Arrow keys to move all dice around.
  • SPACE to spit out any dice within yourself.
  • Moving inside another dice trumps regular movement.
  • Smallest dice moves first.
  • Move atop question-mark blocks to get tutorial messages.


Be aware that this game caters to the heavier side of puzzle solving, and with limited time to make a gradient difficulty curve, it can be tricky at first. Thy haveth been warned.

In a full game I would ramp up the difficulty much slower, but time was time and id rather make a steep challenge than a slow meh burn.


Took it nice and slowly, since I am rather affected by my second Covid shot which I got the same friday as the Jam started. I will definitely come back to this one and make the difficulty more granular, so it doesn't slap you in the face with a brick right off the start. But had fun making it, and the company of the voicechat was great to keep things rolling.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorNils "Gecko" Munch


There Are Dice - Windows 56 MB
Version 23 Jun 13, 2021
There Are Dice - OS X 65 MB
There Are Dice - Linux 55 MB

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